Interview with prize winners, RB & HD, 10.2.2020 (4)

Interview with prize winners, RB & HD, 10.2.2020 (4)

RB – There are lots of benefits in encouraging people to grow and I think there’s been a bit of an uplift recently as young people in particular are interested in the environment and producing their own food locally.

HD – Although on the downside people have smaller gardens now and there are fewer allotments available.

HD – It’s a pleasure to share our produce at the end of a show with family/friends and the advantage of doing several shows a year is that if something’s not ready for one show it may be ready for the next.

HD – We garden as a couple but don’t tend to enter classes against each other (except possibly any other vegetable class).

RB – Although, one of Helen’s proudest moments was beating me in a 1 vegetable & 1 flower stem class!