Interview with prize winner, CB (3)

Interview with prize winner, CB (3)

‘My aim would be to win a British Fuchsia Society Enamelled Medal which is for the best in show at a British Fuchsia Society Show, but I’m still working on that!’

I’ve done some talks at Fuchsia and other Societies e.g. Roby and Whiston. I’ve also had a go at hybridising and have so far released the following new fuchsia’s: ‘Baby Bright’, named after my daughter; ‘A.. B…’, named for one of my group members; ‘Widnes Wonder’, for my town; ‘G.. P…’, named after my friend’s daughter; ‘Sporting Chance’, as I used to teach PE; and ‘Ella and Esmay’ named by Roualeyn Fuchsia Nursery who released them. The first five were also released by Bromac Nursery in Wrembury. I was told by an exhibitor from Scotland that he had won a best in show prize with ‘Sporting Chance’, which was lovely.

‘Growing fuchsias takes up a lot of my time, especially from March up to the end of June, after which it’s mainly watering and keeping them pest free ready for the shows’.

I sometimes know when a plant is a bit special but not always; for instance I once entered a fuchsia at the British Fuchsia Society’s Northern Show which came 1st when I thought I’d be lucky to get 3rd! I enjoy gardening but nothing else in my garden is as nice as my fuchsias.