Interview with prize winners, RB & HD, 10.2.2020 (1)

Interview with prize winners, RB & HD, 10.2.2020 (1)

RB – My interest in growing came from my parents as my mum used to exhibit in the local flower show in Kirkby. She used to grow everything but especially liked fruit. She got an allotment in Fazakerly which I helped out on, then in time I took it over and expanded to the point I eventually had 4 allotments.

RB – I used to do 8 or 9 shows a year locally, largely showing vegetables, dahlias and some cut flowers with my brother; we were very successful, but then I met Helen and we had a family so I stopped showing for a little while as both mine and my brother’s commitments changed.

HD – I’d always been interested in growing and entered a show with my family as a child; however it was really after joining Richard at a flower show that my interest developed. I started helping Richard at the allotment and entered one show a year initially. My interests are growing fruit and annual cut flowers, entering some individual classes for a specific flower and some mixed classes, with big mixed displays being my favourite.