Interview with prize winners, RB & HD, 10.2.2020 (3)

Interview with prize winners, RB & HD, 10.2.2020 (3)

RB – Growing is my passion in life and I’ll continue for as long as I’m still standing! We’ve three allotments between us and about four greenhouses, and it takes up a lot of our time.

HD – It’s sociable though as we’ll meet people at the allotments and at shows.

RB – We like Knowsley as we know everyone there and it’s friendly.

HD – Exhibitors also had a lot of input when it was being set up, which shows. It has the best schedule of classes for the things I like to grow, whereas other shows are more restrictive.

HD – My favourite classes are the large mixed annuals and perennials; and I’ve won best in show 2 or 3 times at Knowsley.

RB – My favourite are vegetables, particularly onions and potatoes.

RB – A possible aim for the future would be entering a vegetable display in a National Vegetable Society Show, although we don’t have the same facilities as a number of those growers.

HD – I’d like to develop my sweet peas.

HD – I’ve met lots of other really good growers along the way and most have been really helpful and encouraging in my development as a grower.